Living the Dream…

Just a few years ago, many of the alumni from the old camp had a dream…bring back the traditional old summer camp that we all loved, the Camp that made us who we are today, a safe place for children to come ,interact and have fun.

And we think we are on the road to achieve that goal.

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Our Mission

Our intentionally small community, guided by our director and supported by our staff and volunteers, will nurture and challenge our campers in traditional tech free summer experiences. Through Kindness, Respect and Responsibility, children will gather life skills needed to make them healthy, caring and productive adults.



Our History

This camp started as a CCC Camp in 1936.  (Click the following link to learn more about the Civilian Conservation Corp ). In 1945 it was purchased and run as   4-H Camp Sacandaga until 2005. The camp was sold in 2010 and for two brief seasons (2014 and 2015) was run as  Camp Tekoa , a religious retreat that also catered to children with disabilities. In 2016 the Director Jim Tavares secured a “3 year Lease to Own” agreement to purchase the camp, and ran it’s first session in the summer of 2016.

Our Director

Jim Tavares has worked at  camp programs ever since he caught the summer camp bug in 1985 as a camp counselor. The path he has walked included working as a program coordinators, a naturalist, an outdoor educator, an assistant residence hall director, and an assistant camp director. He spent 7 years as the Director of 4-H Camp Sacandaga from 1994 to 2000, and as the Director a LG Cook 4-H Camp from 2001 to 2015. This has led him to his final destination of becoming owner and director of 4-H Camp Sacandaga.  Check out his Linkin page for details.




Our Staff

We strongly believe that what makes a great Summer Camp is a great staff.

We look for hardworking, enthusiastic, positive, responsible young people to dedicate two months of their lives to help create a safe, fun, trans-formative summer camp experience for our campers. We find staff from all over New York, and even the United States! Most of our counselors are at least 18 years old or older, and have completed one year of college. Usually our staff are studying degrees to work with children or the environment.

We carefully interview staff to find the best care givers and the strongest role models, and we train them in all aspects of working with your child. We do comprehensive background checks and get references for all of our staff.

And we hire staff that will make sure your child is safe and having a great time while here at camp.