Make This The Best Summer EVER!

If you’ve decided to send your child to our camp, chances are you’d like to know a bit more about the thousand different things that go into making a great week at Summer Camp.

We encourage you to read over  parent guide to get all the details you need (and then some).  And of course, the best way to answer your questions is to ask us, via email or by calling the  Camp Office . Even better than that, schedule a tour  to come see the camp for yourself!

New York State Department of Health also provides a great pamphlet on  Childrens Camps in New York State. Check it out!


Everything you need to know about camp…

But were afraid to ask…

We want your child to have a great time while they are at camp. We know that sending your kids to camp for a week is as much of an event for you as it is for your campers, so we hope to answer all your questions and help you give your children the tools they need to have a successful and meaningful week here at Camp.

We aim to offer your children one of the best weeks of their summer (and honestly, their whole year), which we imagine is your goal for their time at camp as well.

Here are a few things you may need to know to prepare them for their experience. Most of this is covered in the parent survival guide (Parent Guidebook ). It’s a book that has all kinds of stuff- so much stuff we can’t list it all here. 

of Camp

According to, the typical weekly price for an overnight camp is $690, but our camp charges as little as $525 per week.(Even lower with discounts!) By enabling a lower cost for camp, we continue to welcome children from different backgrounds while ensuring a fun, enjoyable experience for all ages.

A $100 deposit is required at time of registration, and we offer a convenient monthly payment plan to make sure your child can get registered and into the classes they want.

Discounts include…

  • $25 discount for each sibling registered after the first child. (Automatic discount…you don’t need a code for this one)
  • Snowshoe Hare Discount ($80) for registrations paid in full by mid January. Just put in code”EB18″ at checkout to get the discount.
  • Early Bird ($50) for registrations paid by end of January. Just put in code”EB18″ at checkout to get the discount.
  • Camp Discount ($30) for registrations paid by mid-February.Just put in code”EB18″ at checkout to get the discount.
  • Multiple session discounts- 2 session- 5% off total, 3 session 10% , all 4 session 15%. This discount is automatically taken out of your total when you check out.

We do have some camperships available for families in need. Please contact the camp office for details.

How to Sign Up

We use Ultra Camp for our online registration and health forms. Registration is available only online and we accept online payments. The cost of camp is $ 525, and a $100 deposit is required at time of registration.
You will be asked to create an account (individual/family) and put in your primary information. You will then need to add a person (your child) to your account. Once added you can register for a session.
Health forms are part of the online registration process. After you fill out your registration,you will fill out your camper’s health information. You may log back in to update your child’s information at any time, up until 1 week before your child’s session. You are not fully registered until you fill out the health information.
Registration Starts December 1st.
To Register visit this link.

Ages of Campers

Camp is for all youth who have are 8 years old (by June 1st of the camping season) and older through 16
years of age.
Most of our campers come from Upstate NY, but everyone from everywhere is welcome to attend.

What to Bring

We have put together a packing list for you to help you plan for the week. Remember that it can get cold in the Adirondacks at night, even if it is warmer south of us.

Camper Care

You are entrusting us with something that is most precious to your heart. We take that responsibility very seriously.

We take the time to carefully select our staff, check their backgrounds and train them to be able to handle all manners of things that can happen at camp. We want strong young role models for your children. And we want your children to create new friends and memories that last a lifetime.

By using our three core values, Kindness ,  Respect  and  Responsibility, campers gather life skills that kids need to become healthy productive adults.

Camper Behavior

It is our expectation that all campers exhibit what we call “camp appropriate behavior.” This includes appropriate language, topics of conversation, dressing appropriately and acting according to our golden rule of camp;be respectful, and be kind. This encapsulates our expectations of how campers treat each other and the camp.
While we will make every attempt to make your child’s stay enjoyable, if your child is a disruption to camp, they will be sent home with no refund.A camper who is repeatedly disrespectful or unkind to their cabin mates or others here at camp will not be tolerated. Parents will be required to come to camp to pick up their child, regardless of the hour. We rarely have many problems like these at camp, and it is extremely rare to have a child sent home for behavior issues. But we want to be prepared and make sure everyone is aware of the rules at camp.

Contacting Your Child

You can mail letters and packages to your child while they are here at camp. Mail typically takes three days to reach us, so you may want to leave us a few letters to deliver to your child when you drop them off. Please look at the Parent guide for details.

We also have “C”mail…a one way email service for you to send a quick letter to your child. The link to send camper email is located at the top of each page.

Camp Schedule

Each of our camp day features a whole lot of “intentional programming”. We have the philosophy of keeping our campers days jam-packed and always moving, so that down-time is the rare exception to the rule.

Campers who have attended multiple camps have told us what they like best about our type of Camp is that we are always doing something here.

We wake up early, eat meals together, clean camp, attend classes and have a number of fun evening activities.

In our long day of running around, jumping and screaming and playing and laughing, it’s one of the rare times where the whole camp gets to sit quietly for an introspective moment, thinking about the day and the week.

 Here is a link to the Camp Schedule . For a description of the activities check out the camper or parent guides.

Food at Camp

We have a full and experience kitchen staff whose single goal all – summer is to keep our campers (and counselors) well-fed with meals designed to be both delicious and nutritious. Last summer our campers ranked us with 5 stars for our meals and kitchen staff!

We strive to offer a variety of options at every meal. In addition to the main entrees being served, we offer ample a la carte options to accommodate most food preferences and dietary restrictions.

Please let us know if you have any dietary concerns for your child, and make sure to indicate any issues on  the health form.

Medical Needs

We have an Registered Nurse on duty the entire time your child is here at camp. They will help your child with medications, check on any injuries and make sure they are healthy while at camp.

You may have a number of medical concerns- visit out Medical Page for information about these concerns. And you can reach out to our Camp Nurse before you come to camp. The nurse typically is on camp during staff training through the end of camp.

Safety at Camp

We work very hard to make sure your child is safe at camp, both physically and mentally. We work with many sources to train our staff, and maintain a small ratio to make sure each child gets individualized attention. And we have professional staff on camp to handle and emergency situation.

Cell Phones at Camp

Please take a moment to look over our Tech free policy in the Parent Guidebook. We do not allow children to have cell phone while they are here at camp. We have many amazing success stories of children gaining independence, and our cell phone policy helps us to accomplish this. 

We know that you would like to check in on your child while they are here. Please call us in the office, and we will check to make sure your child is doing well and report back to you. If your child is struggling at camp, we will reach out to you to get your feedback on strategies to help them make it through the week.

Campers, Staff and Facebook

Our Camp staff policy states that the only type of relationship that is permitted between a camper and a camp staff member is a professional leadership relationship. Socializing between staff and campers in the off-season is permitted only at official supervised camp functions, such as our community service weekends, events or on our Official Facebook Page.
Other off-season socializing between campers and staff is not permitted. Staff members are not permitted to “friend” campers on Facebook or other social media


We want to provide your child with the best experience at camp. To do so, we must hire staff, purchase food and obtain supplies based upon the number of children we expect to have at camp at any given week. Some of the registration fees are used well before your child arrives.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $100 per session is part of the registration fee. The balance of the camp fee after the deposit is deducted will be refunded if the request is made in writing and received at the camp no later than two weeks before the time your child is schedule to come to camp. Refunds are disbursed in the same form that payment was made.
  • In case of an accident or illness (verified by a doctor) or death of an immediate family member, a camper will be offered the next available session or a refund would be offered on an individual basis.
  • Homesickness does not qualify for refund purposes. Campers sent home due to behavior problems will not be refunded.